Mr Nibbles

Help Mr Nibbles on his quest to become the first hamster in space. On this perilous journey you must solve devious puzzles and pass through dangerous spider infested locations.

4.5 stars on App Store

Mr NibblesApp Store4.5

Mr Nibbles, the entirely free mobile and web game where you tilt and tap to control a hamster from his cage to the backyard then finally into space.

Totally Free

Mr Nibbles was developed purely for the love of making games, as a result it is totally free and will be forever. No frustrating in-app-payments or annoying adverts, just load it up and get straight into the action.

30 Levels, 3 Unique Stages

Enjoy 30 levels of fun but challenging game play and cute graphics accessible to anyone with a mobile device or access to a web-browser totally for free! Help Mr Nibbles break free of his cage and enter the backyard before finally catching a rocket into space. Each level offers new challenges and game play as well as cute original graphics.

Simple Intuitive Controls

Use simple and easy to pickup to guide Mr Nibbles on his perilous quest. Tilting the device moves Mr Nibbles and tapping makes him jump. Its so simple hat even a 3-year-old can master it in seconds!


Very good game nice and easy to get used to and great for children

George Taylor

Love love I love this game a lot its super cute!! Just I only get sad when Nibbles gets killed by the spiders

Harley Jones


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